Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yay, I am a Registered Nurse...

I took my National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) on a Thursday March 12, 2009 and found out I passed my NCLEX March 14, 2009.  I got my license in the mail March 18, 2009.   I'm super duper happy that everyone from the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Nursing Fall 2008 class is passing their NCLEX.  maybe just a handful more of kiddies to go and then we got about 100% passing the NCLEX, whoop whoop ;)

I'm suppose to be happy that I am finally a registered nurse, but its hard to be happy because I don't got a job...  I mean what am I suppose to do now that I have my RN license?  Sit and wait?  I'm waiting for a job that seems so far-fetched.  You see my dream job is to be a labor and delivery nurse.  When I knew I wanted to help delivery a baby, bring life into this world, I did not want to stop at full-filling this dream.  I started as a nurse aide in mother baby at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.  I did my coop/internship in labor and delivery as well.  I just hope and pray that I can get a new-grad position in labor and delivery.  The next program doesn't start till August.  I want to wait for it, but its still March, April is around the corner.  I hate to be bored and just do nothing.

They say sometimes your not going to get your dream job right away.  This one nurse manager said you might have to start elsewhere.  I was kinda pist to here that, but all the recruiters say the same thing too.  I am considering this option as I wait for the new-grad, but its a care home and its not exactly what I want, but it seems to be the only places that is really hiring new-grad RNs now.  All the other hospitals have their "job freeze" and if you want to get in, you should work as an aide or clerk.  It is totally bull sh_t knowing this because I would hate to start as an aide knowing that I am a RN and could do the RN work.  All the other hospitals are being very picky and selecting their own aides and clerks.  There is just too many of us graduating and trying to do be aides or clerks to get their foot into the door and too many of us still trying to get into a new-grad program.  There is another graduating class of nurses coming into the job market... who will be trying to do this too.

I dunno what to do.  It is so depressing right now.

Throwback from Nursing school in 2006
In my nursing school scrubs

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