Lucky I live in Hawaii

I like fish and poi!!!
My Grandpa Ray (my mother's father) who is from Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines was able to come to Hawaii in 1920.  He was among the first Filipino labor workers aka sakada [read about Sakada], that came to Maui, Hawaii to work for in the sugar and pineapple plantation.  In the 1940s, My Grandpa Ray joined the American Army, became a American Citizen, fought for America during the World War 2.  He was later discharge from the Army worked as cab driver then worked in supplies as a civilian in Pearl Harbor.  In 1960, my Grandpa Ray became penpals with my Grandma Conching.  They met in Camaling, Tarlac, Philippines where she is from, got married and my Grandma Conching was able to come to Hawaii.  Soon after my mom was born in Oahu, Hawaii.  My grandpa retired from Pearl Harbor and decided to relocate back to the Philippines.  My mom and her 2 brother who were born here in Hawaii relocated to Camiling, Tarlac.  They stated in Camiling for 15 years before deciding to come back to Hawaii.  By then my Grandpa Ray and Grandma Conching had a total of 10 children.  My grandpa was smart to report all their births to the US Embassy, so coming to back to Hawaii was no problem.  My grandpa and mom was able to come first, then my grandma came afterwards.  Since then our family has remained in Oahu.  No turning back.

My Grandma Tina (my father's mother) who is from Aklan, Panay Island, Philippines in the Visiyas was able to come to Hawaii as a maid for a Philippine Airlines pilot.  My Grandma Tina met her husband Grandpa Gualberto in Hawaii.  Grandpa Gualberto worked for the Philippine Consulate as a household member.  My dad was still living in Aklan and with the help of his step dad, Grandpa Gualberto he was able to come to Hawaii in 1980 to work for the Philippine Consulate as a household member.

My mom and dad met in 1981 at Farrington Adult School.  They dated and shortly got married.  My dad was able to become an American citizen and then my Grandma Tina and Grandpa Gaulberto was able to become an American Citizen.  No turning back for them too.  The rest is basically history with my own roots starting in Hawaii. 

I visited the Philippines 3 times in my life.  I visited Manila, Makati, Camiling, Tarlac City.  I also had the pleasure to visit Boracay, Philippines. Everyone said that Boracay was like paradise.  NO WAY, nothing comes close to how beautiful Hawaii is.  I am truly grateful to be lucky to say I was born, raise and live in Hawaii.  We got beautiful mountains, beaches, flower, plants, tress all around.  Beautiful weather,wind and sun, occasional rain.  No crazy animals or snakes (yet), maybe wild boars, mangoose and rats.  Lots of places for swimming at the beach, fishing and hiking.  The Hawaiian culture and lifestyle also makes living in Hawaii special.  We are lucky to be surrounded with lots of different culture that bring their ways of living, food, and style here.  We are excepting of the different.  Aloha spirit fo sho ;)  Everyone is friendly, we get along with each other and there is always great food, good time.  We treat everyone like ohana, family!!!  It is truly my paradise.  This is definitely my home!!!

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