Let's Hike in Hawaii

Why I like hiking? 
After my divorce in 2010.  I really needed a way to relax.  I love Oahu and to think of ever leaving this place is absolutely absurd ;).  It may be the busy capital island of the Hawaiian Island, but there are so many great way to experience this beautiful island instead of just going to Waikiki or hanging out in Honolulu.  One must appreciate where you live by embracing it, getting into it and enjoying it.

Hiking helped me to relax and remind me that everything is ok and will be ok. When I first started hiking it was just for to look at water falls.  Then I started hiking for the workout and the fantastic views.  Now I want to be able to hike as many hikes as I can around Oahu.  It is free so why not right (maybe some places you will have to pay for parking)?  Its a great way to workout.  Burn a lot of calories... at least that what is what my calorie counter told me ;)  Besides I need new ways to work out and lose more weight ;)

Here is a list of the other hikes I have done: 
Aiea Loop Trail x4 or more?
Manoa Falls 2010, 2012
Waimea Falls 2010
Mariner's Ridge 2010
Koko Head Crater 2010-2011 x3
Manana Trail-Waimano pool 2011 x3
Makiki Valley 2010
Pololo Valley and first falls 2011
Judd-Nuuanu Trail 2010
Old Pali Road 2010
Makapuu Lighthouse 2011 x2, 2012
Moanalua Valley 2011
Lanikai Pillbox 2011
Maunawili Falls 2012
Old Pali Road Trail-Likelike Falls 2012
Judd Trail-Jack ass ginger pool 2012
Diamond Head 2012
Kuliouou Valley and Ridge Trail 2012

My hiking gear
LOTS OF WATER!!! Gatorade
food: spam musubi before the hike, tuna rolls and sandwhich during the hike
snacks: anything good =)
bag:  fanny pack or backpack
bug spray repellent
sun block SPF 30+
hiking shoes and black socks
hat, extra clothes, towel
baby wipes/wet wipes, hand sanitizer
first aid kit and a sewing kit (why not)
flash light with batteries
JUST IN CASE: fire starter, compass, whistle, map, rope, jacket

STAY SAFE!!!.  Read about your hike before you go.   Dont do illegal hikes or break the law.  Please follow the trails.  Tell someone your hiking.  I would not advise to go hiking alone.  You should hike during the day and when weather is nice, but the weather in Hawaii can be unpredictable.

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