Tuesday, January 18, 2011

full time night shift RN

so i started working full time night shift as a oncology nurse.  please keep in mind this is not what i thought i wanted to do when i went into nursing.  i got this job just to get my foot in the door and get experience.  i never thought i would actually enjoy doing this.  ive learned so much in the short amount of time working as a nurse.  so much more to still learn.  this job gives me confidence in me, my profession and what i believe in.  its been a rough road.  being a nurse is not easy and being an oncology nurse is just as hard too.

battle the disease.  fight off the sickness.  keep your heart and mind strong!!!  your a survivor!!!

i started giving chemo in october of 2010. trust me i was frighten.  to think "OMG im frying my eggs!!!'  but then i look at my patients.  to see what my patients go through.  giving up so much... to survive.  i am sacrificing myself for them... so they can live.  i am doing so much for them.  does it matter if they appreciate it or not... yea no i dunno, but in the end i know i have made a difference in their life and i hope that one day they will know.

you got skills

im still a newby nurse.  and i think i wouldnt enjoy my job if i wasnt working with a great set of nurses on night shift.  they inspire me to be better and work harder.  it is because of them that i enjoy my job so much.

i wanna give mad props to my 2 east Hawaii Thrive crew, especially the night shift crew: Betty, Sandy, Joanne, Dale, Rita, Malia, MJ and Kathy.  you guys are wonderful nurses and it is an honor to work with you guys everytime =D also lets not forget the aides cuz you guys are awesome too: Linda and Jorelle. 

so much to know, so much to learn, i wanna know everything. 

i decided learning should not stop at school.  so i started to think how can i be a better nurse.  i decided since i actually enjoy working in oncology maybe i should get specialize.  i never ever thought i wanted to do this... but hey why not?

So I am working on getting my OCN certificate.  This is a national certificate for oncology nurses.  I need to get 1000 hours of giving chemo and 20 CE.  I think I can do it. NO, i know I can do it.

"An oncology nurse candidate must have a deep inner drive to see life in death, to see hope in fear, to see love in hatred. She must be able to see past the disease and look at the person it is occupying—to help pull that person back to health…" - from ONS connect

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