Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reassessing the need for a gym = continue to be healthy

Been having a dilemma on continuing my gym membership.  I paid $600 for a limited\one year membership at a super sport, 24 Hour Fitness. 

I struggle with working out since I never really been a physical
person.  I signed up for a gym during my divorce as a way to destress.  I
go in do my thing but never really had direction.  I enlisted the help
of a trainer and then started to do my thing on my own.  I got out of my
4 month plateau which was awesome.  I keep doing my thing.  Trying to
work out 3-4x a week.  I do interval-training cardio, classes like
Zumba, Will Power and Grace and Yoga and weight train 2-3 days moderately about 15-30lb weights.  I take in whey protein, multivitamins, fish oil, calcium.  I eat healthy, trying to cut back on the fatty foods and eating out.  It is definitely a lifestyle change!!!

As I come close to my membership ending, I comtemplated if it was worth it to renew.  I kept trying to find a better deal else where, threatning to cancel my membership. 

I lost track of my goals... ultimately in the end I forgot the whole reason why I decided to pay for a membership.  It was so I can start getting serious about my health, work out, do more cardio, eat healthy and be healthy!!! 

I figure if I try to cut of my membership now, I may be losing sight what is important.  Health and fitness is ME!!!  If I care about my health, then it doesn't matter how much I spend to be healthy right.  If it means spending $50, I better be using the services or it wont be worth it right...

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