Friday, May 20, 2011

Im trying to be more healthy and lose weight.  I work full time nights 8 hour shifts 4-5 days a week.  I sleep during the day and wake up by 5pm.  I make sure to eat my breakfast which is dinner with family about 7pm.

I pack my own healthy snacks and I take a daily multivitamin, calcium with vitamin D and fish oil.  When I'm sick I take extra vitamin c and zinc.  I take whey when I work out or don't eat enough during the night shift.  I avoid munching on unhealthy snacks.  

I work at 11pm.  I have 5-6 patients so im always running around hardly sitting down some days.  I drink one cup coffee no sugar non fat flavor cream.  I try to drink green tea and i always drink lots of water.

When im done with work I work out cardio/weight train 3-4x a week.   If i feel unmotivated i take Jac3d.  I feel like my work outs are efficient I don't waste time.  I usually feel accomplish.  After working out i take whey protein.

I usually go to bed by 1pm.  I avoid eating meals before beds.  That has helped a lot with my weight loss so far.  I lost 10 lbs in 6 months.  I was plateauing for 3 months so avoiding big meals before dinner has helped me.  

I have lost weight but I feel like im stuck again.  I admit on my days off i take a break from exercise and cheat.  I do love food.  Im always on Yelp trying new places.  Ive come a long way as to portion control and eating smaller meals.  I know in the food department i need to bucket down if i wanna lose weight.  I hate that word... Diet.  But I do believe in being healthy so gotta do what I gotta do right to be healthy.

I enlist the help of the iPhone app Lose It.  I never calorie count and meal plan all I did in the past was just eat healthy and work out.  In the 3 days of food journaling so far i never realized how much calories of food i take in.  Now I'm trying to be more thoughtful of the foods I'm taking  in to nourish my body.

So this will be interesting.  Hope I can loose a little more.

Was 186 lb in April 2010
Now 164 lb as of April 2011
Goal weight 150 lbs by December 2011

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