Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Registered Nurse for 3 years. I may be injured, but I still love what I do.

Life changing... I took my National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) on a Thursday March 12, 2009.  This is the big test that tells the world that you are safe to practice as a registered nurse.  It was the ultimate test that sums up what you learned in nursing school into 75 or more questions.  You had to pay $200 to register, no refunds.  On test day you are locked in a room for 6 hours with your belonging confiscated, friend and family not allowed in, ID copied and picture taken.

I rescheduled this exam 4x because I was so scared.  I read my Kaplan, Mosby, Pearson and Saunders book over and over.  I did so much questions.  I thought I knew the question, then get confuse and doubt myself.  I seek support via  I was so nervous, scared and paranoid.  I hardly went out.  I stayed home, basically barricading myself in my room studying.  Finally come test day.  I remember going in.  I felt like "Do, or die".  I sucked it up.  I was in there for about 1 hour.  I did each question and answered it to the best that I can.  I thought they were too easy.  Then it made me nervous.  I stopped at 75 questions.  My heart stop.. asystole lol.  Did I pass?  Did I fail?  People around me were still doing their test.  The monitor... did he know?  I left the building feeling numb and somewhat relief that I finally did it.  Now the waiting game.  To find out if I get it or now.  I remember trying to do the Pearson Vue Trick.  It wouldn't let me register.  Did I pass?  I got a letter on Saturday March 14, 2009 saying I passed.  I was definitely in disbelief.  I really passed?  I quickly mailed my license fee to The State of Hawaii.  I was then issued my license effective March 18, 2009 saying go ahead nurse, find a job and work.

I am bless to have work so hard and be where I am today.  No one can take away my education and my accomplishment of being a nurse.  This is truly a life accomplishment.  Even after getting hurt last year, I love my job and look forward to working with my the patients and my co-workers at Hawaii Thrive (In regards to HIPAA/safety/privacy/confidentiality I will not mention where I will be working.  Thanks for your understanding).

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Cartoon Characters said...

Hey there! Thanks for popping by on my blog! :) Glad to meet another RN!
I see you live in Hawaii! I just about moved there to work once (also dated a guy from there!) but went to California instead.
Glad to see you are an independent gal! I have had bad luck with guys in the past, something similar, but women are resiliant! My husband I am married to now is a nice guy...just remember though, you don't need a man to accomplish things!

Congratulations on your house! :)