Friday, July 20, 2012

Treadmill vs Running Outdoors

Here is my fitness observations that I have notice since I started to take up running and more hiking.  I made a fitness goal on May 28 to be able to run for 30 minutes non-stop by my 27th Birthday, July 17.  As of today I can honestly say I havent met this goal quite so.  I can walk/jog/run for approximately 45 minutes for about approximately 2 miles.  I am able to figure this out thanks to my Run Keeper app =)  I wish I downloaded this app before...

anyways when I went back to the gym, it has not been the same.  I cant lift weights like before.  I wanted to lose weight fast so I thought running might help.  I tried to do running on the treadmill.  It was hard for me at first.  I am not a runner.  But slowly I was getting use it.  I started to change the incline and the speed as I got more comfortable with it.  I liked it, strange enough to say.

After my stalker experience.  I decided to try working out at home.  So since late June, started to do the Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred.  I guess this was my sister's video.  She has never done it.  I figure lets just try.  I also started to get into the hiking more as a way to get my BF exercising.  I usually do easy hikes like 3-4 miles.  But then I did a 14 mile hike that lasted 12 hours.  This hike inspired me so much.  It taught me that my body is capable to handle exercise!!!  My body is able to go for longs periods of time, long lengths of time, able to go uphill, handle the cold, wind, mud and survive!!!  This hike taught me that my body can handle anything, as long as my mind is able to handle ;)  I can do anything!!!

After this hike, I wanted to hike more and run outdoors when I can't hike.  I wanted to estimate the miles I run/walk and time so I started to use the Run Keeper app.  I can honestly say I love it so far.  I dont know if the calorie counter works, but as long as I have an idea of the distance and time I have done I am fine.  I have come to enjoy being outdoors and prefer running/hiking as my primary mode of excercise.  One thing I dont like is the SUN!!!  I am getting dark =( 

I am going to continue to my fitness goal to try to run for 30 minutes straight non-stop.  It does take time,  So hopefully by December 1 I am able to accomplish this goal.


ROXY said...

I'm still jealous you did a 14 mile hike. Lol. Your doing great Jenn with your workouts. I'm proud of you that you are working out at home now and that you are slowly running and I know you are not a runner like me. I know you can do it! :)

JENN JENN said...

thanks Roxy. I am trying. Hopefully I get better at this running thing. I wanna run right now, but its so hot... I should just do it!!!