Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breastfeeding and pumping

It's been 6 weeks since Jazlyn has been born.  Since she was a late preterm I have been trying to breastfeed but her latch is sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Since she was in NICU I did not spend too much time breastfeeding since we only had 30 minutes outside the isolate for feeds.  She had feeding problems: her suck was weak, frequent spit up, constipation.  She had a feeding tube place.  I tried to breastfeed then supplement with formula till my breastmilk came in and gave her via bottle or tube.  I became obsess with pumping since I felt this was the only way to help her get better!!!

The lactation consultants were very helpful.  They guided me with positioning and latching.  The problem was I have flat nipples.  They gave me a nipple shield to use.  This helped with latching since I was starting to have crack and sore nipples, engorgement and mastitis on the left breast.  I got very sick and feverish for about 3 days.  I felt like I wanted to stop breastfeeding.  I kept pumping to help maintain my supply.  

So it got worst before it got better and I wanted to give up many times.  I was disappointed that baby and I was not latching but I kept trying.  At first I would only breastfeed for 15 minutes then offer expressed milk in the bottle then pump for about 15 minutes. This process was so long.  I felt like I could not get anything  done!!!  

As she got stronger she was able to suck better and stay on the breast longer to get her full feed from there without supplementing.  We still used the shield.  I would try to go without it but latching is still not so great.  She is content after her feed.  Poops and pees a lot!!!  I would keep pumping after feeds to have a good stockpile of milk for when I go back to work.  Baby feeds every 1-3 hours.  At night she can go 3-5 hours.   I have a oversupply of milk right now so I have to pump or I will get engorge.  I try to simultaneously pump and feed to save time.  

Breastfeeding in public has been interesting.  I have breastfeed in a fitting room, car and in a restaurant.  I have a pumped in the car.  It's been awkward but gotta do it.

By 5 weeks of age we offered her the pacifier.  At first I tried to offer it but she did not seem interested.  Then we tried again and she seem to like it.  I felt really guilty because I was afraid she would like it too much and have nipple confusion.  But she still likes breastfeeding with the shield so no problems there.  It's been a life saver on her fussy days!

Breastfeeding and pumping is not easy but I kept doing it.  It's very tiring plus you need a lot of patience.  Now that I will go back to work we will see how breastfeeding and pumping will go.

Products I use and love

Medela Symphony - rent monthly from insurance
Medela Double Ease - borrow from family
Avent double breast pump
Avent Comfort manual pump
Medela nipple shield  
Lasinoh lanolin cream 
Lasinoh breastmilk storage bag
Avent nursing care breast set
Johnson & Johnson nursing pad
Nuk nursing pad
Simple wishes hands free pump bra
Medela Easy Expressions bustier
Avent Classic bottles
Avent microwave steam sterilizer - save time from boiling
Gerber burp cloth - big and thick!
Thermos Raya lunch bag
Fit and Fresh cool cooler slim lunch ice pack
Thermos mug
Uddercover nursing cover

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