Thursday, December 12, 2013

Breastfeeding update: 8 weeks

After 9 weeks of maternity leave I finally went back to work.  It is so bittersweet.  I would love to stay home with my baby but we gotta work.  Thank God I'm not full time anymore.  My hours at work is enough and I still have time to spend with my baby.

My sister has been babysitting and she has been a great sitter.  She is very patient with her.  When I come home from work I will breastfeed or pump, spend time with baby, exercise, eat then sleep.  Only problem I have since I have been back to work is the breastfeeding and pumping routine.  I have a oversupply of milk because of the extra pumping I have been doing.  My freezer has the proof of my pumping efforts.  I have a good stockpile of milk since baby doesn't need supplement milk.  We give her a bottle a day with her vitamins or if we are out in public.

My fear was when I went back to work that my milk supply would decrease or baby would not want to breastfeed.  My supply is not going anywhere as my baby enjoys breastfeeding.  So I only pump for work and exclusively breastfeeds when baby and I are together.  I have been more engorge more often since we are not pumping as much as before.  So hopefully my supply will regulate and I won't have to pump just to relieve the engorgement.  

I am now less shy to breastfeed in public.  I have breastfeed in the car, dressing room and restaurant.  The breastfeeding cover is my best friend!!!  Thanks God I'm surround by my family who supports breastfeeding!!!

We have been determine to keep breastfeeding even if it is with the shield. The shield has saved us from giving up so soon.  Now that I'm back at work hopefully we can maintain the milk supply  so she can breastfeed for 6 months or more and stop pumping extra.

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