Sunday, July 5, 2009

My first week as a RN aka Registered Nurse, or REAL NURSE ;)

So I finally got a Registered Nurse job at Hawaii Thrive (In regards to HIPAA/safety/privacy/confidentiality I will not mention where I will be working.  Thanks for your understanding).  I started work/orientation on June 23, 2009.  I will be starting my new graduate nurse career on a Med-Surg/Oncology/Peritoneal Dialysis floor.  I am so excited, anxious and nervous about this.  I never imagine myself as a med-surg nurse, but with the way the economy is, I wanted to get a job in the hospital first before I decided to specialize in maybe pediatrics or labor and delivery.  Who knows I might like med-surg.

My first week was hospital orientation.  During orientation, I learn more about work for Hawaii Thrive Hospital and how it originates in California.  I was introduced to the insurance and the hospital history.  Then I had computer training for about 3 days before I had orientation on the unit.  My training is very informal.  It is not like a residency program like Versant or something with a strict contract and classroom session, preceptorship/mentor.  I will just get training for 6 to 8 weeks and then I will be let loose to the nursing world.

My first day on the unit I shadowed a nurse.  The second day I did assessments with my nurse preceptor.  Then the rest of the day I went over unit policies and procedures and more orientation training, modules, and video.  The 3rd and 4th day I had my own patients, 3rd day 1 patient and 4th day 2 patients.  I did my own assessments, look up labs, pass meds, talk to doctors, delegated to my nurse aides, teach patients and discharge a patient.  If my nurse preceptor or other nurses had a procedure to do, they would let me do it so I could learn and get signed off on my orientation checklist.  Also since I am now licensed, I had to sign all my orders, meds, and progress notes with RN at the end of my name. Hawaii Thrive was half written and computer charting...

My first week was pretty awesome.  Can't believe I am not a student any more.  I am the "registered" nurse.  I can check the PCA, and blood product with the other RN.  I can pass the meds with the 5 rights of med administration, without the other RN hovering around me. 

I got urine, and blood splash, and a confuse patient all on my in my first week.  The thought of this made me nervous at first because I was no longer the student, but it nice to know that after all the hard work in nursing school and studying for the NCLEX, that I am actually working as a RN now.  It is a good feeling!  A very accomplishing feeling!  I dont really like med-surg, but I think I could learn to enjoy it.  I will enjoy working as a RN= real nurse!

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