Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i cant believe im saying this... I ♥ med-surg

i always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse. and who knows i may still go into it. but with the way things have gone after i graduated from UH nursing school, i couldnt really be picky with finding a RN job. i had to get just a RN job! i applied so many places. hospital, ltc, agencies. i pretty much gave up looking for a RN job and went for ward clerk and aide just to get my foot in the door.

i am so grateful to have my RN job right now. i surprise myself everyday with what i learn and what i do as a RN. i never ever thought i would go into med-surg because honestly i hated med-surg. but i realize med-surg is so important in developing your skills to be a RN.

most of my training has been on the oncology side of the ward i work at. this side is hella busy. im always on your toes, doing stuff, using my critical thinking from what i learn in nursing school, putting assessment, patho, pharm, med-surg everything together. I am passing meds, giving blood/plt, hanging new bag iv, ivpb, pushing/flushing iv, calling md, assisting to commode/bedpan, getting food for my pt and even changing the bedsheets. i gotta keep charting charting charting and i want to clock out on time but then at the last hour something comes up and then i fall behind. still working on time management. still learning and getting better at it.

i am learning so much everyday about myself and being a nurse. i am grateful i started my nursing career in med-surg. im actually enjoying myself because im on a good floor with lots of learning opportunities and a great staff that are willing to teach. so excited for more ;)

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