Saturday, December 26, 2009


So much to look forward to for 2010. 2009 went by so fast! I am so grateful to have a loving husband, family and a good job. I wonder whats in hold for us next year.

Here are our plans for 2010.
- my husband is going to sergeant's course from January-February so that he is more eligible for sstg
- my unit plans to chemo train me in February
- visit our family in Cali hopefully in March. we havent seen them for a year!
- attend cousin's high school graduation in Vegas in June. we havent see her for a year too!
- still looking for a place to call "ours". renting vs owning.
- my husband may or may not deploy. depends when we pcs (change duty station).
- pcsing to where? cali vs north carolina vs anywhere else the Marines could sent him
- i may or may not pcs with my husband. depends on my job.
- stopping birth control ;) depends on everything, god, my husband, job... its timing.
- or else get another dog =D german shepherd vs husky

So excited. Lets end 2009 with a bang! And party it up into 2010!

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