Thursday, March 22, 2012

In escrow and mortgage home loan approved

January 13: I was walking around the mall and I ran into a kisok with real estate advertising.  I always wanted to buy a house, but wasn't sure when was a good time to buy one.  Melvin was the realtor hosting the kiosk.  He is a very charismatic man and he convinced me to meet with him and a loan officer to see if I can get pre-qualified for a house. 

At first I was very resistant to meet him.  I think mostly I was scared and I did not think I could qualify or have the funds to afford a house.  You see, I was suppose to buy a house with my ex-husband, but he screwed me over in the house buying process and stole all our money for gambling and ruined my credit.  Took me an aggressive 1 year to get myself out of divorce credit card debt... Anyways buying a house is a personal subject for me.  If I could get my own house, it would definitely prove that I was independent, especially financially independent

Took a chance and I met up with Melvin in is his office that day.  We went over what I want for a home: decent townhouse in a safe/quiet neighborhood away from traffic and school, with non-carpet flooring, big space/kitchen with a lot of light, 2+ bedrooms, garage or enough for 2 parking and pet friendly. In the next week I had conversation with Erica from Wels Fargo about income, taxes and how much I was wiling to spend.  I was happy to find out I was pre-qualified for a home.  I was afraid that my bad credit from ex-husband would prevent me from getting qualified. 

January 27: I met with Melvin again, but this time to go house hunting.  We look at a few places online and in person, but I had my heart set on a new development in Kapolei, Hawaii.  It is a planned community that still needs to be build, but they have some model homes available .  I have been scoping the area and looking at the website for townhomes for months now so I was excited to finally check it out.  When we got there and toured the homes, I was so impressed, I could imagine myself moving in already.  It was pretty much a done deal.  BJ who is the realtor for the company was helping us and she could tell I loved it.  We made an appointment to do the sales contract and also made an appointment with Suzie who will help me finance my home.  The next day I gave them a check to hold the property.

February 1 was the day I signed my sales contract
My piece of Hawaiian dirt
Reading my owner's manual as my home gets built
Men starting to work on the townhouse
Hello March, hello more house building movement!!!
Laying the re bar
Working on the foundation
Pouring the concrete
My foundation is set
The house is still in process.   I am happy to announce that I am in escrow.  I am just waiting for my escrow paperwork to come in so I can start the process.  I am also happy that my mortgage home loan has been approved.  Now we just need the construction guys to finish building the house and then closing.  I will be able to pick out my paint, carpet/flooring, blinds, cabinets, tub and appliance with Judy the interior designer soon =)

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ROXY said...

Yay! =) You are truly the lucky few that will own some Hawaiian dirt. Lol. I hope one day I can buy a house back in Hawaii.