Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Nursing Insurance, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance... really do we need it all.  This past month has been all about getting insurance for EVERYTHING.  Like honestly, do I need to spend money for a just in case something bad could happen.  I guess so..

I had my Apple 3gs for almost 1 year.   My phone broke right before my warranty was out due to water damange.  I went to Apple to get a replacement.  Apple actually gave me a new phone but told me they dont normally do this since it is not suppose to be covered by warranty.  My second phone would only have a 30 days of warranty so if it broke and it did due to chocolate damage, I would be out of luck with Apple.  Good thing I was eligible for a upgraded phone/plan with AT&T.

I trialed an Android phone, but did not like it and decided to get the iPhone 4 instead.  When my iPhone 4 was sold to me, the sales representative told me it would be $5 a month if I was interested in the insurance.  This would include getting a replacement phone even if you had water damage.  I was happy to hear that since my first iPhone needed to be replaced due to water damage.
So I have a iPhone 4 with phone insurance from Asurion.  I dont think I could live without my phone so when my 4 started to act up on me I admit I panic.  I had jello damage.  So I though it would be like water damage.  I did not bother letting Apple know, I called AT&T and told them I wanted to get a replacement phone due to water damage.  I figure I paid $5 a month so I should be entitled to get a new phone.  The AT&T/Asurion representative told me it would be $30 for the claim and I agreed to the charge.

Well my phone started to overheat and I was curious to find out what was really happening to my phone so I went to Apple and they diagnosis my phone with a speaker defect.  I got a replacement phone.  So keep in mind I was also getting a replacement phone from AT&T too.  So I figure ok 2 new phones, cool.

Then I get my new phone from AT&T.  The awesome part of the of this new phone is it's a 4s!!!  So I was pretty excited, but something in me was saying something was wrong.  I had to send my defective phone to AT&T/Asurion or I will have to pay for full retail price of the phone.  Oh no!  So I called AT&T and the honest part of me explained to them what happened.

This is where I get pist because I basically spent 1 hour fighting with AT&T and Asurion for being vague and not explaining how to file an insurance claim.  I did not have a defective phone.  It was replaced by Apple and I had 2 new phones. I asked them what is the right thing to do.  Do I send in the new phone from Apple or the new 4s from AT&T.  Apparently if I dont send the defective phone I will get charged full retail price for the replacement phone.  Also I was informed that the claim charge was $199, not $30.  I did not know what to do and was just mad since basically they misrepresented information to me about the charge and did not explain to me the full details of the insurance program. Apparently Asurion and AT&T dont know anything about communicating the details of the program to their clients, they only know how to rip them off!!!

So ultimately in the end I had to return the 4s.  Too bad for me, but I guess I should be happy that I wont be charged the extra money for the claim, as long as I return the 4s ASAP.  Oh well it was nice to look at the 4s.

my replacement iPhone 4, the 2nd
So at first getting my phone set up was a pain.  But now I am grateful that Apple has a warranty and has the iCloud for backup.  I was able to bring my phone back to life, like it was the same phone, damage.  Everything is pretty much recovered, just slow to recover.  The iCloud is an amazing program from Apple almost like an insurance.  It backs up your settings, apps, mail, pics, etc.  Thank God!!!  I guess insurance is a good thing.  You just never know what can happen and better to be safe than sorry.


Cartoon Characters said...

Insurance= necessary evil!

Don't worry about not having the iPhone4s. My husband has it and I use it every once in a while....and Suri doesn't understand half the time(and we don't have accents!) and it's very time consuming and inaccurate. The phone you have is just as good if not much better. :)

ROXY said...

So... was the insurance worth it for your iPhone? That's weird how they were going to make you pay for a new iPhone if you already pay $5/month on insurance.