Saturday, April 14, 2012


This is a follow up blog about my cell phone insurance

Ok so this is my last time I am ever ever going to have a cell phone insurance.  At the rate that I am going it is not worth it to pay $5 a month, then pay $199 to get a new phone issued. AT&T and Asurion seem to both not understand each other.  One company said $30 for each claim, but the other said $199.  Make up your mind!!!

So I mailed my Asurion issued phone on March 30 via USPS. Since there was a tracking number on it, USPS said it would be easy to track.  So on April 13, AT&T or Asurion, I dont know who it was but they called my house phone asking me why the phone was not received.  I do not know why they did not call my cell so I just thought it was suspicious.  Keep in mind im on vacation in Texas.  I did not know I got a phone call till my mom told me.  I had to have my BF double check the tracking numbers to see what happen to the parcel with the phone.  According USPS and SMARTLABEL tracking, my parcel is in transit.  It was received in Sparks, NV and its final destination is Fort Worth, TX.  Funny since im in Texas, I should of just bought the package here myself...

So I called AT&T and Asurion yesterday to figure out what is going on about my cellphone. AT&T and Ausurion seem to forget about the conversation I had with them on March 28 about my phone being replaced by Apple.  Since I had no defective phone, I was suppose to send the Asurion issued phone (the iPhone 4s) back to them and use the return label.  I explained to them that since it was coming from Hawaii, it might not come right away.  I offered to send them a copy of my receipt stating I had given the parcel to USPS, but they told me it doesn't matter of the day, destination, if I have a receipt, or a tracking number if they do not received the phone in 30 days they will charge me $199.  So I asked them when would AT&T/Asurion charge me the $199.  They were so vague... they just kept saying within 30 days.  They said I was suppose to talk with USPS directly to find out what is going on with the shipment of the phone.  I spent almost an hour on the phone again with them with no real answer about what to do with the situation and just more frustration.  They made it sound like I had to accept the charge no matter what...

Today I called again to AT&T and ASURION.  I think I spent almost an hour again on the phone with them if I was going to be charged extra and explaining to them that my phone was in transit.  I insist they give me a date of when they will charge me if they do not receive the phone.  They told me if not received by March 21, by March 22 they would charge me the $199 since this is the day of the end of my billing cycle.  This representative said if it was already in Nevada, in the continental US, it should not be long till it reaches Texas.  She said to continue to monitor the USPS and SMARTLABEL tracking system and be sure to check back with AT&T and Asurion before the 21st to make sure the cellphone was received.  If it was not received by then, I could get charged by Asurion for the missing phone.  She then said since I have proof I sent it and per the USPS and SMARTLABEL tracking its in transit, AT&T said I will actually be waived the charge as long as the phone is received.

I was just so frustrated with everything happening  I finally asked AT&T if I can just discontinue using the Asurion insurance for $5 a month.  I told them if shit happens with my phone,  I would rather pay full retail price for a new phone then deal with Asurion again.  It is not worth it to get charged $5 a month then get charged $199 for an insurance claim... so in the end cell phone insurance is not worth it.  Just take care of your phone.

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