Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting back to hiking: Aiea Loop Trail

My bf did not wanna go gym with me. I was sad. Kinda lost motivation to go. I wanted us to get healthy together. Then comes the weird stalker and some random guy asking for my number at the gym. Kind of freak me out that someone is stalking me or preving out on me... Eww. Anywhoo I kept talking to my BF about how I wanna go hiking again. Last hike I did was Lanikai Pillbox with my sister in 2011. She was like my hiking buddy. When she got pregnant the hiking had to stop and I haven't had a chance to go with my hectic crazy night shift schedule.

So I really wanted to go hiking again, but with who? My BF has friends Laura, her brother Aaron and her friend Erica came to hike with us.  Laura nd Erica like to hike so it was nice to know people who would like to join us.  So we decided to do Aiea Loop Trail. I have done this trail many times before with my sister and friend Val.

This trail is approximately 4 mile long loop hike.  Its considered easy about 4 hours long (so think about 1 mile = 1 hour).  To get there you need to go up Aiea Heights Drive until you get to Keaiwa Heiau State Park.  The one thing I love about this hike is the smells at the beginning.  It is like a pine or eucalyptus smell and its very soothing and relaxing.  You pass some power lines and then you will see some great views of the  H3 Freeway and tunnel, Halawa Valley.  As your hiking you can hear the sounds of car along the H3.  Its like your walking along the mountain.  Then you will decent down to Aiea Stream and then come back.  When you see the Power Lines in front of you again  you will see a glimpse of MCBH Camp Smith on the top of the mountain across and Pearl Harbor Naval and Arizona Memorial.  Then you will come full circle in a loop and you completed the trail.  There is a waterfall along this trail.  Its unmark called Kalauao Falls.  I eventually wanna do it.  I just need to figure out where it is along this trail.

Here some pics of our adventure:

Ok I wish I took more pics.  Maybe next time.  Hard to hike and hold a camera.  Possible calories burn: 1600.  WOW!!!  BTW here some info about Hawaii and Hikes I have done here.

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