Saturday, June 23, 2012

Maunawili Falls

So I have this thing for waterfalls.  I think waterfalls are so pretty.  Watching the water fall from a mountainside side/cliff into a pool.  The sound of the water against the rocks.  I am not fond of how cold it is or the possibility of leptospirosis infection.  I just love to watching how beautiful it is.  Seeing natures wonder.  Relaxed by their soothing sounds.  For the obvious reasons, I love waterfalls.  I remember my sister telling me how went to Maunawili Falls and it had a nice waterfall and pool.  I always wanted to check it out, but for some odd reason we just never had a chance to go.

So my BF and sisters Nancy and Anny, their friend Ruby and Laura decided to come hiking with us to Maunawili Falls.   FINALLY!!!  This trail is approximately 3 mile long out and back hike.  Its considered easy-moderate about 4 hours long. From Honolulu to Pali Highway to Maunawili Valley (third traffic light after tunnels), turn right on Auloa Road, left fork onto Maunawili Road. Go approx 2 miles to end of public road, park on Kelewina Street. Walk on Maunawili Road (private section) approx 1/2 city block to trail head sign on right.

This is a fun muddy trail and well maintain.  We walked uphill along the stream, then finally crossed it, hiked up the mountain, then came down, crossed the stream again and walked up towards the waterfall.  When we got to the falls, it was overly crowded and the falls was a lot smaller than I expected despite the rains.  I think we enjoyed going off the trail to look for bamboo, fruits and plants more than the waterfall!!!  Total possible calories burn: 1600.

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ROXY said...

I like this hike! I miss hiking in Hawaii...