Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day working full time night shift. As of next week I will be a part time night shift nurse. I will be able to bid for extra shifts easily if I want so I will not be stepping down due to recent budget, layoffs or lawsuits. I have step down by choice for my sanity and to regain my life back. It has been a great opportunity but definitely hard work being a full time nurse. Working as an oncology nurse is even more of a challenge as it can be incredibly stressful and working at a hospital can be just as stressful as we having many responsibilities to meet. I know I am not perfect. Nurses are humans yet we have so much expectations. I do appreciate my life with all the different nursing and medical experiences and situations I am face with. Cancer is definitely an eye opener. Working with patients with other medical issues also paints a picture of how complicated life could be if you chose an unhealthy path. Yet stress can make a person to be ugly and I think I can honestly say with buying a house, working full time, and going back to school I have finally break and my mental health is at stake. Stress has made me mean :( Dropping my hours has come at a perfect timing. I was able to drop my hours along with 2 other coworkers to accommodate for a new position for one of my cool new nurses. I am worried about my job as a whole since in light of all the other employment/layoff issues at my work I only hope that low seniority nurses will not be affected or we lose the hospital as a whole. I have 3 years of experience so I hope if they let anyone go it will be the guys who were recently hired. I have been looking for another job. But the thing is I don't want to work 2 jobs. I think one is enough and ultimately in the end I am sure I can make it work with one job as long as I maintain a good budget and control expenses and spending. I don't wanna work myself into a hole with 2 jobs and burn out like this again. I seriously rather enjoy my life and of course keep staying healthy!!!

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