Thursday, October 24, 2013

A baby is born a little early

I was 36 weeks and had an ultrasound on Wednesday October 16.  The doctor had scheduled to induce me for October 20 due to my recent diagnosis of preclampsia.  He mention the possibility of delivering early if baby was small.  He estimated she was 5 pounds and a half. The perinatologist did my ultrasound and said she was 4 pounds 7 ounces which was too low and that I would have to be emergency induce due to intrauterine growth restriction from preclampsia. 

never wanted to be induce but for the safety of me and my baby I will do what I have to do.   I was allowed to go home to pack and eat.  We ate Thai food before heading back to the hospital.  I had stuff chicken wings, spring rolls, pad thai and jerky.  It was so good!!!  Last good meal before I delivered!!!  Who cares about checking my blood sugar!!!

When we got back I was placed in the same room from the last time, labor room 7.  I got stick 2x trying to get a IV.  They check my cervix and I was 3cm.  I was started on pitocin since the ob-gyn staff did not think I need the cervidol or misoprostol. I was only allowed clear liquid diet and they kept checking my blood sugar.  My blood pressure was not high at first but during the night it started to act up so I was started on magnesium sulfate to prevent seizures that could occur with preclampsia.  It made me feel very horrible.  Felt hot and like I got ran over by a bus or just finish doing a marathon or hike.  I was so drowsy.  I started to have some contractions but they were not painful, just uncomfortable.  I had more back pain since I was not allowed to move around, only could stay in bed and move side to side.  I look forward to getting up every hour to pee.  

Thursday morning they did a cervix check and decided to stop the pitocin since I was not dilating, I was still at 3cm.  They finally gave me misoprostol x3 to soften my cervix.  I was allowed to eat but had to stay bedrest.  One day went by, even though I still had the magnesium drip, I felt good.  I started to have bloody show so I was most likely more dilated. 

Friday morning they let me shower, did a cervix check and I finally was 5cm.  They restarted my pitocin.  The contractions got more painful and my blood pressure started to get higher.  They had to give me hydrazine couple times again.  They ask me if I wanted an epidural since it could help me with my blood pressure but I chose not to have one.  

The midwife finally checked me and I was 7cm dilated. They decided I should have my water bag broke to speed the labor since my blood pressure was getting too high.  They also did my labs to check my liver.  I was diagnosis with HELLP syndrome:  H (hemolysis),EL (elevated liver enzymes) and 
LP (low platelet count).  I never realize at the time the symptoms I was having was related to the preclampsia and HELLP syndrome: nausea and vomiting, epigastric/heartburn pain, bleeding nose, swollen legs.  I couldn't tell if I was having headaches or blurry vision since I took my contacts out and was closing my eyes most of the time.  I was having more rectal pressure like I had to poop and tried but no poop.  Must be baby coming down, but it was hard not to push it was getting more uncomfortable not really much painful.

My bf, sister, cousin Lisa and my BF sisters were in the labor room with me.  I almost never notice who was there I was so concentrated about labor and upcoming birth.  I started to feel unsure about things and doubt my plan.  I wanted a natural birth free from Meds, but it was not going that way.  I was thinking maybe I should ask for pain Meds since the recital pressure was irritating me.  I kept telling everyone in the room "I dunno what to do!" since I was told not to push.  Finally the nurse did a final cervix check and said if I push a little I will be fully dilated.  They started to prepare the room for birth.  They open te birth table with supplies and turned on the newborn warming bed.  

It was time to push and everyone was supportive.  Pushing is kind of awkward.  They say push like you need to poop or like your holding your breath going under water.  You gotta imagine pushing out and up so baby can get through the pelvic.  I dunno how to push, I just did.  It was not easy.  I could see why someone would give up and get tired.  Thank God during the pushing part my blood pressure was stable!!!  The ob dr, midwife and neonatal team came to mh room in anticipation of delivery.  I think after about 5 tries+ of pushing I finally pushed out baby Jazlyn on Friday October 18 at 9:57pm.

Since she is a late preterm with low birth my bf did not have the opportunity to cut her cord.  They rushed her to the baby warmer to assess her.  Her APGAR score was 7/9, weight 4 pounds 6.9 ounces and was 17 inches.  Her temperature was stable and said she could stay with me in mother baby, she did not need to go to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  I was able to bond with her and tried to breastfeed too!!!  Definitely a very life changing event for us!!!  I was in disbelief I actually pushed this baby out and 
happy to finally meet her.  We are a little family now!!!

Shortly after changing to the mother baby unit the nurses were concern about baby unable to keep her temperature due to her being so little.  The pediatrician was notified and she was sent to the NICU after 4am.  I was sad but it was for her health.  I couldn't go see her since they were still monitoring my blood pressure and I was still on the magnesium drip.  

I felt so helpless for her.  So I learned to used the breast pump and started to pump.  Colostrum that came out first was about 20 ml!  Amazing, but then after it was about 1-5 ml per session.  Maybe I was stressing, but milk was not ready yet.  I kept trying since this is the least I could to help my baby since we are apart!!!

It was only after 24 hours that I was finally able to to see my baby, but it was sad to see her hook up to monitors and IV.  The warmer was regulating her temperature and she was getting my colostrum and formula.  We were only allowed to hold her for feeding for 30 minutes.  Otherwise all we could do is watch her.  I felt so disconnected since we could not bond as much.  I was feeling really sad.  Postpartum blues kicked  in and I was always crying for her.  I wanted her to get better!!!

Baby had to start phototherapy for Jaundice on Saturday.

On Sunday, baby having a lot of spit up and not eating well.  So they had to put a feeding tube/gavage.  She still tried to breastfeed, take my expressed breastmilk and then formula if not enough.

They did not discharge me right away because my blood pressure was too high most likely from stress.  I finally was able to leave on Monday.  It was bittersweet since I would be leaving without baby I came to the hospital for her 11am and 2pm feeds and came with my bf for the 8pm feeds.  They told me on Wednesday to bring in the car seat to test her breathing and took out her tube feeding that day. She stayed in the NICU till Thursday.  We were so happy to finally bring her home.  Now we can enjoy her.

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