Friday, October 11, 2013

Mild preclampsia

I'm 35 weeks.  It's been over a week since I was pulled off work for modified bedrest.  I like to keep myself busy, but it is nice to be off from work. I definitely feel less stress, but I imagine my blood pressure could still be high if I was still working.  It is boring to lay around all day and do nothing.  I look forward to getting out of the house for my twice a week non-stress test and weekly obstetrician appointments.

I guess I haven't been as cooperative with the bedrest.  I still run errands, cook, mild house work/cleaning and prepare for baby.  Of coarse I am not going to over do it.  I always check my blood pressure twice a day and its been high in the morning and night 140/90-100. I spot check it during the day and it is 130/80.  The doctor has not made any changes to my blood pressure medications.  I occasional get frontal headaches but its not painful.  Swelling in my leg looks mild but I don't seem swollen anywhere else.  Lately I been feeling bigger and more tired. My weight been consistent 179-182 pounds.  I'm only allowed to gain 20 pounds total so I am glad never hit 186!  I try to keep up with light exercise/walking/stretching including kegals, pelvic tilts, squats.  I know it sounds crazy to keep doing it, but I don't want muscle dystrophy plus I need to prepare myself for childbirth too.

On Wednesday night my blood pressure was 160/100 but then went down.  I figure it wasn't too high to go into labor and delivery so did not bother calling.  They would want me to come in for 160/110.  So next day I just stayed home and did my 5th 24 hour urine collection.  I turned it in the next day and did my non stress test.  Baby is still head down, very active with good amniotic fluid.  I was a little stress this morning because my stupid passenger rare car door would not go up so my blood pressure was 140/100 in the clinic but better than Wednesday night's reading.  Anyways went to my boyfriend work to get my car fix and my obstetrician calls me about my 24 hour urine collection being in the 300s.  He diagnosis me with mild preclampsia, but says he wants to keep me pregnant until 37 weeks.

I'm a little overwhelmed, nervous but I got to be positive, brave and take it easy.  We can't do anything but relax and stay pregnant.  I guess this means keep bedrest too!!!

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