Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I feel stupid... No your stupid

(crying on May 9 after I got an email)

Can't drop my hours
Can't call in sick
Can't go on vacation

Inconsiderate it's like we don't do good enough why should I care or help out any more... I work my but off. I'm not burnt out. I love my job my patients and my coworkers. I just don't wanna come to work for you.

Talk about losing interest or passion. It's people like you. I understand why the good ones leave and why the current ones are jaded.

They warned me how things are. It's sad how it is the way it is. Mostly because in the end you never really cared about us and how hard we work. We do so much and sometimes it seems it is never enough. We just get scolded like little kids. When we do good we don't get acknowledge for what we do. Happy Nurse's week to us... Nursing is a thankless career that you better love to do or else find another job.


Cartoon Characters said...

I often felt like that in my nursing career.

One day you will find a job you like and hopefully it will be soon. Not all employers are made equal!

Take heart!

The Nerdy Nurse said...

I honestly feel that there are many nursing managers that are too concerned with themselves and hardly concerned with the wants and needs of their employees. Because of this they are never willing to step up the plate and say "Hey I'll work a shift you need off. You've been good to me and helpful to the team. You deserve this break. I wish I could do more."